On Demand WeMeUs "Graduation" Certification for EveryUsOne.

Under Construction-- Stay Tuned

Soon we will be able to give all learners a graduation-style certificate to recognize their formal and informal education.

WrenCollege.org BA and BS degrees will be based on a "graduation" application, personal interviews with experts in your field including one of our faculty members, and verification of the information that you provide to us.

We will also offer certificates of completion for MOOC and other online learning as you complete it, you will apply for the certification as you begin the activity and then submit a completion affidavit and approval by your teacher, mentor or coach.

An honorary PhD in Self-Directed Learning will be awarded once a year at our annual graduation ceremony, held in conjunction with Benjamin Franklin's Birthday celebration each January 17.

Watch for an announcement about these certification programs including costs and available grants to fully or partially defray the cost of certification based on need.

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