Tuesday, December 19, 2017

I'm going to do this, are you interested?
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John Wren
A new invitation-only online dialogue group is forming. It will be focused on the US Presidential election process, the caucus vs primary system as alternative ways for states to choose presidential electors, and the electoral college and our two-party system.
READ THIS ARTICLE ABOUT THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE, then if you are interested in RECEIVING an invitation to join our NEW online dialogue group in January we ask you to do three things:
1) like this Facebook post; and
2) make a comment here, why you want to be part of the new dialogue group; and finally
3)copy this message, share this Facebook post with your Facebook friends after you paste this message on your share as a comment.
This is a test. If you can't do these three things, probably best you not be in this very interesting, potentially powerful, exclusive, new, free Facebook Group.  I hope you will join us. Check it out:
Dec 19 Our President Trump
5 hrs
See Detroit Free Press editorial on electoral college, just posted @JohnSWren

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Thursday, July 20, 2017

To be announced at Randy Wren funeral.

Today I will announce the dedication of Wren College, something he has been in the process of forming for over 20 years. It will now be dedicated to the memory of my brother Randy Wren.

Randy died from a sudden heart attack July 10 in the lobby of his apartment building. His full obituary may be seen on the website of the Villager Newspaper or via one of the links on www.Facebook.com/RememberingRandyWren  

At the reception after his funeral at Denver’s St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church today I will make this  announcement. For the last 20 years I’ve dedicated my life to the strengthening of the grassroots in business and politics with the support and encouragement of Randy. Wren College was a project of mine he loved. Randy and our after-Easter Jesus will be my companions in it’s over-due launch.

I will enlist the help and support of each and everyone of the 35 Colorado State Senators in this effort. The first step will be a tour of the state to speak to the grassroots in each of the 35 Senatorial districts, and I hope each of the Senators will join me. Any who are not against Wren College and preserving the memory of Randy will be considered to be with us  More will be announced next week. If you'd be willing to help please fill out the application above, then call me (720)495-4949.

For anyone reading this who doesn't know me, I'm the founder and President of your Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc. We work to cooperate with local community newspapers to strengthen the grassroots in business and politics. We have formed and facilitated free, independent self-directed learning groups since the Friday after 9/11, and we have now formed Wren College with the intention of helping other towns and cities to do the same. For more contact me through  www.SmallBizChamber.org or (720)495-4949.

John S. Wren
Founder and President,
Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc.
Denver, CO now, with Wren College the world.
"This life is very short, let's get started!"

Friday, June 2, 2017

Self-directed Learning?

Wikipedia auto-directs the "Self-directed Learning" searches to "Autodidact," which is a big, big mistake, of course. Seems to be a political decision.

What comes closest to the meaning of "Self-directed Learning" on Wikipedia right now is "Social Learning."  We talk about this and how to become a teacher for Wren College each Friday afternoon at 4:30 p.m. at Panera Bread LoDo, 16th & Market. Join us this afternoon (Fri, 6/2) or next Friday?

More info about the meeting on https://Meetup.com/Small-Biz-Chamber

We are a project of the Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc., 1881 Buchtel Blvd. #501, Denver, CO 80210. The SBCC is an educational rather than political organization. We do not take positions on issues or candidates, bwe encourage students and teachers to check out all sides and then make up their own minds. Our purpose is to inform, not reform.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

New! Startup Weekend for New Classes!

This Friday or any Friday, join us for a startup weekend for forming an adult self-directed learning group, model subject is civic participation, every neighborhood should offer that at least once a year, but you can choose topic of most interest to you. For more see http://Meetup.com/Flash-Franklin-Circles Questions? Call John Wren (720)495-4949

Monday, April 17, 2017

IDEA Cafe Chat now exclusively on Twitter.

Want an instant brainstorming session? Tweet your question about startup anytime (now?) using #IDEACafeChat, then check back at 10 a.m. MDT (Noon, Eastern Time) for a live online session.

Suggestions to make it work better for you? Post your comments and questions on Twitter using #IDEACafeChat and indicate if you'd prefer a public or private response from SBCC.

Finally, new phone number for the Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Inc. and John Wren's office. No longer (303)861-1447, now (855)854-2554  Emergency? Call John Wren on his cell, it is still (720)495-4949. Best address for snail mail SBCC c/o WeWork, 1550 Wewatta, Denver, CO 80202

Watch Startup Show live at noon Mountain Daylight Time today and we will talk more about this brainstorm idea, when it's a good way to get unstuck, some cautions.

Startup Show

JohnWren.com Practices of Imagine, Think, Learn to; Start, Grow, and Flourish. +AMDG+: Today! Startup Show at noon MDT (11am P, 2pm E.): Startup Show is now on Monday's at noon. To be a guest on the show just click on the link and join in! Today's topic: busin...

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