Monday, February 21, 2022

Come learn and teach with us!

 Today more than ever before, life long learning is mandatory. But school has always been optional.  Look at Abe Lincoln and Ben Franklin and the many other life long learners that seem to do very well without formal lectures, boring homework, and psyching out the tests.

Few of us in the 99% are autodidacts with the discipline to not have the support of a learning community.

Ben Franklin invented a way to create his own learning community. That is the adult learning model we use. It may have been Franklin's best invention.

To learn more about what we are doing to strengthen the voice of the common person, would you please either 1) rsvp and attend an Online Socrates Cafe (click) or 2) go ahead and apply now using the online form to the right. It's free and fast. 

But please, do it right now, while it's on your mind. I'd hate for us to miss the opportunity to learn from you. If you have any questions call us and leave a complete, confidential message. (303)861-1447